Weight loss is the buzzword these days. You can see how everyone around you is busy reducing weight but many of us try unhealthy ways of reducing weight. So, how about going for it in a completely

Hi IMBBians, Weight loss programs are gaining a lot of popularity these days since more and more people have started watching their weight. So, here are the best weight loss programs that deliver good results. Weight Watchers

Hello, lovely ladies! “You’ve lost weight”, “You look slim”, “Have you been working out?”, “Your skin is glowing” are a few sentences which have the capability to make you happy! These days, everybody wants to lose weight

This post is aimed at helping everyone who is struggling with tummy fat. Given the hectic lives that we lead today, it is not surprising that packaged foods and lack of exercise have become more like a

By Priyanka Dixit Hello, lovely readers! Today I am back with this interesting article about seven foods that can cause lethargy and drowsiness. Food is an important part of our day; some people stick to the right food

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