Bronzing is a HOT topic these days and suddenly it seems like everyone wants to master this art. Well, it all makes sense, after all who doesn’t crave a sun kissed look? Unfortunately, from celebrities to the

Hey Girls Some days we just couldn’t be bothered with makeup, we’d rather just go bare faced. Those who can step out bare faced without a problem are blessed. If you can’t, natural makeup is your best

6 Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid There is absolutely no doubt that our eyes get more attention than any other feature on our face. Big, beautiful eyes can add so much as far as looks are concerned; this

Top 5 Diwali Makeup Essentials Hello Ladies, I am assuming Diwali preparations are in full swing in India currently. Ah, I sure do miss seeing the pretty lights adorning the houses and trees as I drove through

Hi Everyone, Today I am sharing a little quick makeup tip with you all. Hope you find it helpful. 🙂 Over a period of time I have sort of perfected my concealer application. Alteast for me these

I think it’s the case with all of us – our energies dip down to zero level at night time and knowingly or unknowingly, we would be committing certain beauty blunders which we ideally should not.  When

How To Hide Big Ears Big ears can be an issue and a cause of worry for many.  There’s no need for surgical help when the hair styling industry offers so many options to camouflage our flaws.