Courtesy: In the initial days that I received my internet banking passwords, I did shopping from a few online sites, some experiences were good (shopperstop), some bad (, and some very bad ( But, I had

Kerala Saree/Kasavu Saree – Traditional Wear of Kerala! Sarita’s post on her Saree collection is the inspiration behind me writing this article, and in that hope you remember seeing Rani Mukherjee wearing a white saree with golden

Diwali Gifts – Clothes While Diwali is just around the corner and me expecting the kid anytime soon you can just imagine the celebration mood at home . 🙂 Though I was not very interested in shopping

Sizzling Indian Sarees for Diwali Diwali is the Indian festival season that every Hindu woman awaits… so that she can dress in her best outfit, namely sarees. Starting with Ganapati Puja and ending with the spectacular dazzles,