By Yaashi G Hello, all! With the start of the beach season, we start facing some terrible issues like extreme heat and dehydration. The blazing sun tends to burn our skin and leads to sweating and bacterial

Hello IMBBians, I have been so busy with moving my house and that’s why I was MIA on IMBB. So now that everything is sorted, I am back with a new review and today’s review is about Sebamed

By Dania F. Hey IMBBians, Hope all is well with you guys! Today, I will be reviewing the Seba Med Feminine Intimate Wash. Having suffered from vaginal infection myself, I realized the importance of intimate washes quite

Sebamed Cleansing Bar After reading the review of on IMBB, I just had to buy something from there. While browsing, I came across Sebamed products in the Acne & Pimple Control section. I have very oily

Hello Sweeties, today, I’ll be reviewing my favorite cleansing foam, which was prescribed to me by my derma. Let’s start at the beginning, now shall we. Like all gals here, I am not blessed with a great,