It’s that time of the week again where we bring you the colors that added all the jazz to IMBB in the past one week. From red to purple, lip colors called the shots this week; maybe

Hi Girls! It is time to have some fun with colors this week too, where I am picking up my favorite shades of the products we love so much this week! Do tell us what colors you

Hello all! By now you must know what this post it all about. If you were unable to make time for your favorite makeup blog, IMBB, last week, we shortlist the best shades of the week to

If you have been following us on a regular basis, then you know that the IMBB team has come up with new columns one of which is ‘Shades of the Week’. Let’s see the shades which enticed

If you are just back from your vacation, pay heed! As an outcome of amazing brainstorming within the IMBB team, we have come up with some innovative columns for you. ‘Shades of the Week’ is one such

Hi Everyone, 🙂 There is always brainstorming going on in IMBB team to offer something new or to offer better experience on the site to our readers. This past week we added a few things such as