One of the most underrated aspects of facial beauty is the whiteness of a smile and the cleanliness of teeth. Lots of people spend plenty of time on their hair, or on covering up wrinkles and blemishes,

Have you ever noticed people trying to maintain a distance when you talk? Do people try and touch there nose more frequently when you are speaking? If yes then I am sure you must be aware why

Bleeding gums are not very pleasing to look at and needless to mention the pain one has to go through while suffering from such problem. Oral hygiene demands a very little time and money as compared to

Home Remedies for White Teeth We always discuss lip colors, lipsticks, and lip care. Lips are undoubtedly the most important feature of a woman’s face but what if behind the smile of puckered and beautiful lips come

10 Ways to Take Care for Your Teeth teeth 1. Brush your teeth twice a day If you can spare the time and have patience, one can even brush after every meal but just do not do