Hi ladies, Did you hear about what Nirbhaya’s rapist had to say? For those who didn’t. He had the audacity to utter these words. “While being raped, she shouldn’t have fought back. She should have just remained

Love Is The Key To Everlasting Beauty By Surabhi Surendra from Womanatics “Love makes life beautiful.” We all know how true the above statement is. Love indeed makes life beautiful. Not only just beautiful, love transforms your

How To Cope with Flight Anxiety Travelling is not all fun for some people. Fear of flying is basically an anxiety disorder which, most of the time, has little or nothing to do with the risks related

Heroines from Literature I went swimming in the sea a few months ago and was swallowed by a giant fish that I could not identify because I hated my Biology school teacher and had consequently spent most

Dining Etiquettes and Table Manners There are Manners set for every aspect of social existence among which table manners play an important part in making a positive impression. They are viewed as visible signs of our upbringing

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